rolled up newspapers English 3

The Scarlet Letter Questions

As you view the video, please make note of the following:
  1. Why can Hester be seen as a heroine?

  2. Why can Hester be seen as a threat to her Puritan community?

  3. What is life like for Hester and Pearl?

  4. Why can Reverend Dimmesdale be described as "tormented"?

  5. What are two symbols in this novel that are especially powerful? What do they teach us?

  6. What astonishing sight does Chillingworth see on Reverend Dimmesdale's chest?

  7. How would you describe Chillingworth's mindset and attitude?

  8. What is the fate of each main character at the conclusion of the novel (Hester, Pearl, Chillingworth, Reverend Dimmesdale)?

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