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5.02 The Rise of Realism

Okay Investigative Reporters, get those pencils out and roll up those shirt sleeves, it is time to dig! The following links will provide the information needed to respond to the questions below.

To learn more about realism, regionalism, and naturalism, visit:

American Realism: 1865-1910 from the University of West Georgia

To obtain a better grasp on "local color," visit:

Regionalism and Local Color Fiction, 1865-1895

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The questions below will need to be completed after investigating the information above (and as always - use complete sentences in your responses; it is important to your editor):

  1. Define the term "Muckraker." Be sure to include the name of the person who created it.

  2. Naturalism was a literary movement of the late 19th century that was an extension of Realism. What was the main focus of the Naturalistic writer?

  3. American Realists believed that humanity's freedom of choice was limited by the power of outside forces. How would this view differ from the perspective of the Romantic writer (think of someone like Emerson)?

  4. In your opinion, based on what you have read, why would post Civil War, newly industrialized America be attracted to the Realistic movement?

  5. What is meant by the term "local color"?
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5.02 The Rise of Realism

Submit your responses to the 5 questions above as assignment 5.02 The Rise of Realism.

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