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1.03 William Bradford

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Pirate or Puritan: Which one are you?

Part I: Answer the following questions on Bradford. (These are the same questions from the Observe page.)

  1. In complete sentence format, list three specific details you learned about William Bradford from this reading.

  2. In two sentences, explain why you think Bradford is significant in American history.

  3. What personal tragedy occurred while the Mayflower was anchored off Provincetown Harbor? (Remember, use complete sentences please)

Part II: Write your own journal entry!

Write your own journal entry using the information below. Choose one of the following perspectives:

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Option One:

Write a journal entry from the perspective of a lusty pirate. What say you to these stuffy Puritans? How is their Puritan lifestyle different from your pirate lifestyle? No pirate journal would be complete without some proper "pirate talk." Visit the Pirate Glossary to discover some common pirate terms. Select at least five of these terms to include in your entry. If you choose the pirate perspective, you must include five terms a pirate would have used in day-to-day conversation.

Option Two:

Write your own journal entry from the perspective of a member of Bradford's colony. What do you think of these unruly pirates? What shocks you the most about these surly characters? How do the manners of the pirates differ from yours? Visit the Calvinism in New England Puritan Culture web site. This site will assist you in providing examples of Puritan culture.

Assignment Box

1.03 William Bradford Activity

  1. Answer the three questions in Part I above using complete sentence format.

  2. Write your Part II journal entry. Make sure your journal entry is at least three paragraphs, six sentences per paragraph.

  3. Go to the Assessment area.

  4. Submit Part I and Part II in one file as assignment 1.03 Journal Entry.

For instructions on how to submit assignments, go to the Course Information area.

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