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1.04 A Letter From the Editor

The Virtual Times

Please read this editorial carefully, as it contains smart suggestions for a successful English 3 experience. Keep in mind the focus of the editorial: to inform.

English 3 Success: It is Yours! (an editorial from your instructor)

What does it take to be successful in this online English 3 course? This question is not a trick one. Secret formulas and magic words are not necessary, I promise! To make the most of this online experience, and to enjoy the most success in English 3, you should practice three simple rules:

  • Communicate effectively with your instructor.

  • Manage your weekly work expectations.

  • Seek assistance when you need it.

Foremost, communication is vital in the online environment. Since your instructor does not have the benefit of seeing you each day, your instructor must rely on the key tools of communication to connect with you. This means you should be proactive about using email and phone for effective communication. For example, if you are having a tough time on an assignment, you should communicate that trouble to your teacher. Furthermore, if you have a personal situation that might hinder you from completing weekly work, you should inform your teacher of the situation promptly. By effectively keeping your teacher informed about your progress and needs in English 3, you will help your teacher instruct you in the most effective manner.

In addition, you will enjoy success in English 3 online if you commit to following your weekly work schedule, which is found on your pace chart. This work schedule is for your benefit; it helps you set weekly work goals. If you view the pace chart carefully each week and preview your assignments for the week at the start of the week, you can create a reasonable work schedule. Students who do so are able to enjoy the course fully and move at a comfortable, successful pace. On the other hand, if you do not manage your weekly work expectations and have to play "catch up" in a hasty manner at the end of each week, you will likely experience frustration. By managing your work load and creating a plan for working each week, you will definitely experience more success and increase your learning in English 3.

Finally, you should make a commitment to asking for help when you need it. Some students are very comfortable asking for assistance from teachers while others shy away from seeking help. Please know that, in the online environment, there are many ways to "raise your hand" and ask for help. You can contact your teacher by phone, email, or even instant message. In addition, you can participate in chat sessions with your instructor and your classmates. Set a goal to start the course with a clear commitment to asking for help when you need it; you will be glad you did, and your teacher will be glad to assist you!

As you move forward in the course, remember you are embarking on an exciting, challenging, and rewarding learning adventure. To make this adventure as successful as possible, be sure to communicate effectively, manage your work week, and ask for help. These three strategies will definitely create success for you in English 3. It is really as easy as one, two, three.

Did you see the following elements in the editorial above?
  1. The thesis statement

  2. Specifics to support the writer's point of view

  3. Reasons for the writer's point of view

  4. The last paragraph restates the thesis statement and ends on a positive note

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